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Myrna Setiawan Piano Studio

Piano Lessons Policy



  1. Lesson fees are billed quarterly. In a full year (January - December), there will be 4 Quarters of 12-15 weeks each with the exception of Summer quarter may have less numbers of weeks (Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer).

  2. First time students starting in the middle of the quarter will be assigned total minimum numbers of weekly lessons for the 1st quarter and will agree to keep that minimum amount of lessons . Any additional or extra lessons beyond agreed lesson numbers will be charged in addition to the regular quarterly tuition.

  3. Group theory classes are billed quarterly and there are no credit, refund or makeup for any classes students miss.

  4. Payment is due on the first week of each quarter. Due date will be noted on the invoice. Monthly payment plan is available for an option.  Payments can be in the form of cash, check or PayPal.

  5. For each week payment is not received, a $10.00 late fee/week will be added.

  6. Bounced checks are subject to $25.00 returned fee in addition to late fees. Late fee will not be assessed if payment is settled within the same week payment is due.

  7. Tuition rate may adjust annually.


Attendance & Absences:

  1. Students must arrive on time. Arriving late does not mean that the lesson time will be extended. If teacher is late, time extension will be given.

  2. Regular weekly attendance is required to make proper and continuous progress.

  3. If the student is unable to come, please notify the studio by email as soon as possible to make an arrangement for a makeup lesson. Notifications received less than 48 hours prior will not be given a makeup lesson.

  4. In times lessons cannot be done in person, online Skype lessons can be arranged to avoid having make ups.

  5. If student is sick and unable to give 48 hours notice, please notify the studio immediately. Make up lesson maybe scheduled according to teacher's availability. However make up will not be considered for any late notice other than sickness.

  6. Summer quarter is usually scheduled for 8 - 10 weeks. Students may take up to 4 (four) absences during summer quarter and tuition would be adjusted. Beyond four absences, make ups shall be arranged to keet the reserved lesson slot.

  7. Please respect the lesson times that have been reserved weekly for you and do not abuse the makeup privilege. There will be a maximum numbers of make ups allowed in each quarter. Teacher schedules only a limited amount of slots for make ups in each quarter.

  8. In a time teacher needs to reschedule a lesson, well advanced notice will be given and a makeup will be arranged.

  9. There will be no credit or make up for any No Shows or missed lessons.



  1. Lessons  are scheduled and billed quarterly and there will be no refund if student decides to discontinue lessons in the middle of the quarter. Please notify the studio by email one month before a quarter ends if you are planning to discontinue lessons. The tuition up to the last lesson day after the termination notice will still need to be paid in full, as well as extra lessons taken during that quarter.

  2. Any previous lessons not taken by the last lesson date will not be refunded and no additional make ups will be scheduled after the termination notice date.


Practice, Recitals, Exams & Competitions:

  1. Students are expected to follow a regular, daily and quality practice routine to make progress. Mindless and unfocused practicing will not yield steady progress and improvement.

  2. Students should follow the practice instructions given during lessons and apply them during practice at home

  3. Studio recitals will be held at least once a year and all students are required to participate.  Sharing what a student has been learning and listening to others is an important part of learning.

  4. Group studio/master classes maybe scheduled from time to time to sharpen the performance skills in a more informal discussion setting. Students are encouraged to participate.

  5. Recital and studio/master class fees are billed separately from the regular quarterly tuition. This will be per event base fee.

  6. Students are also encouraged to participate in outside performances, such as the MTNA, OMTA & other recitals

  7. Exam certifications held by MTNA, OMTA or other organizations are not mandatory, but highly encouraged.

  8. Going to professional concerts are great experiences to add to the learning experience and are highly encouraged.

  9. Students who are absolutely ready for competitions and festivals will be recommended and encouraged to participate.

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