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R a t e s  &  F e e s


Myrna Setiawan Individual Piano Lessons are:

  • 45-minute or 60-minute weekly

Note: Tuition is billed quarterly and calculated based on number of weeks in a Quarter. New student will be assigned a number of weeks for prorated fees in the 1st quarter if signing up in the middle of a quarter. 

  • Fall (15 -16 weeks): September - December

  • Winter (12 week): January - March

  • Spring (12 week): April - June

  • Summer  (8 weeks): July - August


For current students in Myrna piano studio attending regular weekly lessons, they can attend the scheduled studio classes. Studio classes are performance practice classes to try out any pieces students are currently working on to get ideas to perform them in front of audience in a more casual setting and get feedbacks from teacher and other students. These studio classes are included in some of the quarters with no extra charge.  Schedules are to be determined by teacher.

Myrna Setiawan Master Class Fee:

  • 60-minute 

Note: Master Class is for Late Intermediate or Advanced Piano students only. Fee is per class basis. Please contact Myrna for Master Class fee


Group Theory class Fee (quarterly):

  • Fall Quarter (12 week): $300 / quarter

  • Spring Quarter (12 week): $300 / quarter

Note: Group theory classes are designed to meet MTAC Certificate of Merit Theory and Ear Training evaluations. Students must take both quarters to complete all materials. Theory classes usually starts in September and ends in March. 


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