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T e s t i m o n i a l s

"Ms. Setiawan is not only teach the kids how to play their instruments but inspire them with the love of music".
Derek Lam, Sunnyvale, CA

"Albert has been studying with Ms. Setiawan for three years and made tremendous progress".
Wei Sun and Zhong Zhang, Sunnyvale, CA

"Ms. Setiawan is very dedicated and she knows how to bring out and nurture their hidden talents".
Phuong & Lan Nguyen, San Jose, CA

"I have been learning piano from Myrna for 2 years now. As an adult student, the lessons I took are nothing like those just for fun lessons, they are serious lessons with high standard (regarding when to pass a piece) that greatly improved my musical interpretation and technical skills during the two years. Highly recommended!"

Jisi L, Sunnyvale, CA

"My daughter Michelle has taken advanced level classes with Myrna for two and half years, and has made great progress in both techniques and musicality. Myrna is not only an accomplished pianist, she cares deeply about her teaching and her students, and has extremely high expectation for them as young pianists. She brings out the best in her students with extremely high energy in her teaching - I would describe Myrna in teaching as an orchestra conductor without a baton. 


The teaching environment at her home is unmatched: the students get to play on the 9ft concert grand Steinway (used to be the center piece of her music school) while she teaches on the concert grand Bosendorfer. The environment is also perfect for very high quality piano concerto recital. 


I would recommend Myrna most enthusiastically to any parents who think their child has potential in piano and wishes for a more rigorous training".

Liu-Hua Pan, Cupertino, CA

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