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Piano lessons in Santa Clara by Myrna Setiawan



F E A T U R E D   R E V I E W S

"The musicality and virtuosity of pianist Myrna Setiawan is well known to American audiences, especially with Californians, as well as with music aficionados in other parts of the world.  Reviews of her performances include pianistic phenomenon... with seemingly endless resources of power and brilliance"

The Fresno Bee


"In her homeland, Indonesia, Ms. Setiawan is recognized as being in a league of her own... with... something extra that goes way beyond experience and qualification" 

The Jakarta Post

"Her irresistible emotional performances literally brought forth tears from some of the audience members"

The Auburn Journal

"She is a Master of the Moment"

The Sacramento Magazine

"Her magnificence in piano is complete and sustaining… A remarkable, rare and thrilling performance. Her beautiful interpretation… which each phrase was distinctly crafted by someone who felt the music throughout her body… produced amazing volume contrasted by a soft poignant echo made the audience sat frozen in disbelief" 

Pacifica Tribune

"Myrna committed herself to the project of performing, nay, championing one of my piano works like no other musician I have ever worked with. She made the piece (my Etude Op. 1, No. 10) her own by learning it inside and out and rendering it at the piano with virtuosic flair and skill. It has been a pleasure—a composer's dream—working with her. She is a brilliant pianist and has proven herself to have an open mind for pioneering uncharted territory in the piano literature. At the time of this writing she is working on another piece of mine, which I can hardly wait to hear. I give her my highest recommendation as a pianist!"

Gary L. Noland - composer & pianist

Specializing in piano lessons for intermediate and advanced level students. 


Myrna Setiawan gives piano lessons in her piano studio in Beaverton, OR

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